What happened to us?

I tweeted this yesterday.

I was thinking about the relationship between my brother and I. THINGS CHANGED.
We used to be this bad ass brother and sister. Pavements moving backwards as we stroll the streets to the bus stop.

Holding your hands and looking up at you. I thought you were superman. I thought you can protect me from anything that gets in our way.

Now, I look at you through a different lens. I see your struggle, I see your frustration, I see your lack of sleep, I see that you are overworked.

I don’t have the courage to tell you this in person but I just hope you know that trying to get through things financially.. but that isn’t the only thing that’s important. Don’t lose moments that can make you stronger as a Father, Son, and Brother.


PS. I miss using my website as an extension of myself.

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