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Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino, you are a fucking genius. If you listened to his new album Because the Internet, you need to check out his script with it. Go to and you’ll see the script with videos! “SECOND NOTE TO READER: The visuals have no sound. They are meant to be played while the song is playing.” He has a fucking script for his album *so mind blown.* I can’t help but replay the visuals in my mind while I listen to his music. Check out this link if you want to go to his Deep Web Tour (: I’ll be seeing him May 3rd in LA

Been a fan since he performed at UCLA for Bruin Bash 2011<3.

One of my favorite songs from his album. I would post his music video but I think this lyric video is hilarious.


Here’s a dope freestyle from CG!

Retail Me Happy [Shopping Haul]

Retail Me Happy

I have been spending money without a limit. Money on food, drinks, clothes, random shit … you name it — I probably bought it. It provides temporary happiness and that is something that I am looking for on a daily basis. Woah did that just make me sound like some sort of addict looking to score? Anyways, I found some awesome items within the past week so I just want to share with you all.


Pendleton Wallet pendletoninside

1. Pendleton Card Wallet
This is the perfect wallet for anyone who is trying to size down on their wallet. For me personally, I love my Louis Vuitton Zip Up Wallet, but as a student, that shit is heavy to carry around. I literally have my life in that wallet and I don’t need that baggage all the time. This wallet allows me to carry the essentials while staying super light in my backpack and my pocket. I’ll leave the heavy duty stuff for the weekends.


If I had to choose one brand to wear for the rest of my life, it might be Stussy. I am thrilled to announce that I got everything on sale in this picture. Python Print detail on the raglan shirt screamed out buy me. Track pants are amazingly comfortable and thinner than sweatpants which are perfect for socalifornians. However I will admit that I went overboard with the necklace and pin. STUSSY SPONSER ME ALREADY!

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Poetry: Assata Shakur – To My Momma

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted .. I have many drafts but I haven’t made time to edit and post. Anyways, I’ve been reading the autobiography of Assata Shakur and I am amazed and inspired. I haven’t gotten that far but my friend bookmarked a poem for me. It is called To My Momma and I relate to it heavily.

To my momma,
who has swalled the amerikan dream
and choked on it.

To my momma,
whose dreams have fought each other —
and died.

Who sees,
but cannot bear to see.
A volcano eating its own lava.

To my momma, who couldn’t turn
hell into paradise
and blamed herself.
Who has always seen reflected in her mirror
an ugly duckling.

To my momma,
who makes no demands of anyone
cause she don’t think she can afford to.
Who thinks her money talks
louder than her womanhood.

To my butchfem momma,
who has always
taken care of business.
Who has never drifted
hazily to sleep
thinking, “he will take care of it.”
Who has schemed so much
she sometimes schemes against herself.

To my sweet, shy momma.
Who is uneasy with people
cause she don’t know how
to be phony,
and is afraid to be real.

Who has longed for sculptured gardens.
Whose potted plant
dies slowly on the window sill.

We have all been infected
with a sickness
that can be traced back
to the auction block.

You must not feel guilty
for what has been done to us.
Only the strong go crazy.
The weak just go along.

And what i thought was cruelty,
I understand was fear
that hands, stronger than yours,
and whiter than yours,
would strangle my young life
into oblivion.

Momma, i am proud of you.
I look at you
and see the strength of our people.
I have seen you struggle
in the dark;
the world beating on your back,
dragging your catch
back to our den.
Pulling your pots and pans out
to cook it.
A mob in one hand.
A pencil in the other,
marking up my homework
with your love.

The injured have no blame.
Let it fall on those who injure.

Leave the past behind
where it belongs–
and come with me
toward tomorrow.

I love you mommy
cause you are beautiful
and i am life that springs from you:
part tree, part weed, part flower.

My roots run deep.
I have been nourished well.

For perhaps in these unpleasant instances, something which I do not like may be my salvation –  Joey Supreme

2014 “Resolutions” / Goals

Or whatever the fuck you want to call it. I was talking to a friend the other day and he actually asked what’s my 2014 goals. I never gave it a thought. With everything going on around me .. it never crossed my mind.

I gave it a thought.. and because of everything that happened, I strive for happiness. Happiness is my lifetime goal. Not just short-term of course, long-term happiness. So I am thinking. With a goal like that how will I execute it? How do I strive for happiness. It’s not easy but it is definitely not difficult either..

Happiness is not given, it needs to be worked on daily.

I’ll work on this.

To be continue. haha so corny.

RECAP: Holidays with family and friends

Family: Karaoke w/cousins, Dim Sum, Temple for my grandpa, and exchanges w/cousins.

You know I always have a great time with you all. Like my little sisters and brothers, you can be annoying at times but you all are the best. I wouldn’t want to spend the holidays with anyone but our family. It’s funny how we find comfort with each other in a time like this. It’s unspoken. I cherish and appreciate everyone so much,  I honestly don’t know how sane I would be without you all.

IMG_6894 IMG_6896 IMG_6905 IMG_6898 IMG_6908 IMG_6909 IMG_6911 IMG_6916


Thanks for the Toms, Leggings, Recipe for Happiness decor, cookie dough, and homemade hot chocolate.

IMG_6948IMG_6951 IMG_6947

I also found out that my grandpa had a journal where he writes his thoughts and poems. I can’t really decipher it because .. I can’t read Vietnamese that well but I will happen. I knew my grandpa was an artist but this is mind blowing to me.


I found out that my brother got on a car accident on xmas. I felt devastated. He called me with his voice shaken up and I was so confused. All he said was that he t-boned someone and he’s in the emergency room and he’ll call me back later. *click*. I was thinking. Great just fucking great. When it’s raining, it fucking pours. I just couldn’t take that much pain at once you know. Well at the end of the day thank goodness he was alright because I wouldn’t know what to do if two people in my life got hurt in the same month. I just couldn’t.


Friends: Amy & Nicole

IMG_6961 IMG_6962 IMG_6978 IMG_6976 IMG_6983 IMG_6986

Sorry for celebrating your birthday so late Amy because of everything that has happened. I hope you like the gifts we got you 😀 and The Old Spaghetti Factory was a great choice for your birthday dinner. My Orange Italian Cream Soda was the highlight of meal haha! I hope you like the gifts we gave you! It was difficult picking out presents but we managed.

Our xmas exchange was small this year. In means of people. Which I am okay with. Not saying that we’re no longer friends but people change and we all go our separate ways…  in a sense of lifestyle and priorities. I think Nicole and I overloaded Amy with oversize comfy sweaters though ahaa. But thank you for my Converse, Toms, and accessories!

DTF (Downtown Fullerton for non oc natives haha) for our end of the night celebration was perfect. I think we were planning to go to Florentines but I am so glad we went to Zings just because we heard “good” music playing outside. It was a night that I needed. I love spending time with family and all but they are not of age yet haha. Besides the amount of guys who tried to dance with us, people who stepped on my new shoes, and the smell of everyone’s bo, it was a fun night with the right music with the right people (: .

I don’t think you both realize that I appreciate this time so much. I really needed it. I needed a time to be away from my family and away from my life to just have a little fun. I want to feel normal again..  ever since what happened. It’s been hard. Being in LA during winter break with my roommates and friends gone is not cutting it. Usually I don’t mind it.. but silence for too long gets me thinking way too much ya know. I love you all and thank you for everything.