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MY 2nd Annual Holiday Party

It is official. I have been volunteering for 1 year and 3 months. Today marks the MY 2nd Annual Holiday Party attendance. Even in all this craziness that has happened to me within the past 5-6 days, I still manage to come here. I honestly need a break from crying too much and driving too much and honestly, just being in my own thoughts way too much.

For those who don’t know, I currently volunteer for a children’s rape treatment center around Los Angeles area and it is the most rewarding and one of the best decision I have made and stuck with (Recapping a lot of what I wrote last year). I have seen clients (sexual abuse victims) from 2 years young and up to 18 years. It’s not that intense but it is … I don’t know the details of anything because my job is to focus on the clients.


“When I first started, I thought I played a small role in this multidisciplinary team we have going on in here. I am just a volunteer, I can’t make that big of difference, boy was I wrong. I realize I am the first person that the client sees and spend the most time with (besides the therapists of course). Although I am not a therapist, forensic psychologist, child advocate, district attorney, LAPD, or the social workers that work there, I can make a difference.  After yesterday, I realize I am part of something bigger. This family that I have been seeing on a weekly basis gave me this gift (photo ^). First of all, for them to think of me as something was already an amazing feeling. I swear, when I received it, my heart melted. I know it is not much but I had this feeling in my heart that made me feel like I had did something right. It is such an indescribable feeling that you just have to experience to know how I truly felt. This feeling, to me, is altruism at its best. I guess what everyone told me during our training was true. We are part of the healing process. ” (December 2012)

So even in the middle of losing my grandpa, seeing everyone today made me so happy. All the clients/kids/family that came up to me to say thank you, I want to THANK YOU for making it all worth it. You honestly don’t know that seeing you all lightens up my heart and my dark situation. You inspire me so much. Even when things are rough, with support, things can get better in time. Plus, I am pretty awesome helping at the cookie decorating booth (; !