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[Videos] Trying something new ..

So I recently got Adobe Premiere Pro and I’ve been testing it out by making videos [YAY] ! The program is still new to me so it took a long time trying to figure out how to edit shit .. but yeah

First I edited a video from the undie run below featuring my friend Daniel .. just for shits and giggles lol

Then I tried doing more of a vlog style .. or something similar to that? Cover is by my friend Dennis Vong! This is what I did yesterday, school, food and more food ! I will be going to agenda soon so I will try to do some sort of editing with those clips and hopefully it’ll be more fun! (: Enjoy!

[Video] UCLA Let There Be projection mapping light show @ Royce Hall Quad

UCLA campaign Let There Be projection light show for Thank UCLA Week 2014

Pretty much a fundraising campaign using Royce Hall as a backdrop. They have been playing demos at night for a couple days leading up to the Thank UCLA Week.

I watched it after Spring Sing when the whole quad was filled up with beautiful Bruins!