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Humpday Feels

I feel like doing some quick free writing so here it goes.

It’s not that I need you, cause I definitely don’t want you either. Company is a woman’s best friend, specifically me. I want it in the most platonic, friendly ass way possible. Don’t get it twisted when there’s a little bit more affection or attention. A text, a hang out, or a night out is simply a “I rather have my mind on you/ with you than be alone in my thoughts. Read that again. Please tell me you’re smart enough to differentiate between “be alone in my thoughts” and “being alone.” I’ll do what is necessary to preoccupy my thoughts even if those things cloud my judgement of you all.

Just remember, I am more alpha than beta, so I don’t give a fuck about gender roles. I don’t mind trying to get what I want (well not you personally, just your company). But if you take it the wrong way, I rather let it be than waste my time changing your perception. People forget I am just overly friendly … sometimes … I’ll just simply reply to #2 or #3 ..

Then again. I get bored easily. Entertain me at least.