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MUSIC: becausetheinter.net


Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino, you are a fucking genius. If you listened to his new album Because the Internet, you need to check out his script with it. Go to becausetheinter.net and you’ll see the script with videos! “SECOND NOTE TO READER: The visuals have no sound. They are meant to be played while the song is playing.” He has a fucking script for his album *so mind blown.* I can’t help but replay the visuals in my mind while I listen to his music. Check out this link if you want to go to his Deep Web Tour (: I’ll be seeing him May 3rd in LA

Been a fan since he performed at UCLA for Bruin Bash 2011<3.

One of my favorite songs from his album. I would post his music video but I think this lyric video is hilarious.


Here’s a dope freestyle from CG!