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Fat Food Fridays: dineLA

For those who are not native to Los Angeles (and those who are), Restaurant Week aka dineLA is coming soon! Well January 20-31 to be exact!

Los Angeles has one of the most dynamic dining scenes in the country, offering everything from street food to 5-star restaurants. From California cuisine to organic ingredients, food trucks LA’s culinary influence can be felt across the country. Food aficionados can experience the fine dining of Wolfgang Puck, Thomas Keller and Nobu Matsuhisa, as well as a new generation of culinary stars like Kogi BBQ Truck founder Roy Choi, Top Chef champion Michael Voltaggio, and Ricardo Zarate, named Food & Wine’s Best New Chef in America. Global kitchens can be found in culinary neighborhoods across the city, while LA’s beach cities offer some of the best oceanfront dining in Southern California.

Discover LA

Yeah I grabbed that straight from their site. In short, it is the week where a bunch of restaurants around Los Angeles drop their prices $$$! Lunch is $15, $20, or $25 and Dinner is $25, $35, or $45, depending on the restaurant and how they serve their food. Each restaurant is set up differently. Some restaurants have a selected menu, 3 or 5 course meals, and/or AYCE (all you can eat!). So if you feel adventurous, check out their list of “street foods to 5 star restaurants” here.

TIPS: Reservations, reservations, reservations! Plan that shit ahead of time. Include travel time (TRAFFIC X_X) so you will make it there on time. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Chances are if you are there for dineLA, so are other people. 


Anyways, being a 3(or 4.. I don’t remember) year loyal fan of dineLA, it is hard for me to stray away from old loves. My favorite go to restaurant is Fogo de Chao Churrascaria. It is a Southern Brazilian Steakhouse, all you can eat restaurant! Their lunch is $25 and dinner is $45 with the same menu. I would catch their lunch if you want to save $20! I remember when they used to offer dessert at the end of your feast during restaurant week but they canceled that for the past year or so. Regardless of dessert, I can never say no to their heavenly sent from above cheese bread! They have 16 cuts of meats, a salad bar, and delicious sides (CHEESE BREAD!!!!) You will feel like you’re a king eating here with swords of meat being offered to you when you want it. YUP. Just flip that circle to green and you will receive!

Since dineLA is bi-annual (beginning of the year and summer), I always make time to come here.. maybe even more than once within that week.. don’t judge. This should definitely be on your list if you are a meat eater! But don’t shy away if you’re not, because I wasn’t, until I met Fogo.