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100 Days | 100 Poems: Day 9

WOohoo, almost done catching up.

My mouth salivates when I think of little chocolate truffles lining up at my doorsteps
Freezers filled with ice cream delights. Creamy deliciousness as the taste of vanilla bean tickles my tongue.
I cannot forget cakes.
Fruits, chocolate, red velvet, pound cake, cake cake cake cake
Angel cake, yellow cake, funfetti cake,
cup cakes, cream cheese on cup cakes, icings on cup cakes. cup cakies.
have you ever tried dipping oatmeal raisin cookies with cream cheese icing?
well you should try.
or get a giant cinnabon and drop a vanilla cone on that bitch.
just saved your life right there
but when you want to relax
try some hot chocolate
with whip cream
and chunks of chocolate
and sprinkles
and chocolate syrup
and a scoop of mint chocolate chip

lulz so random cause I want want sweets right now. i feel silly. imagine me screaming all this though HAHA