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100 Poems | 100 Days: Day 7

Certain poems I rather not revisit but here’s another one.

you left this scar on my body
like a surgeon operating, cutting deep into my skins and tissues
did you not feel that?
that vessel you just popped, carving into my heart that never stopped spilling ink on my pen that never stopped writing about you
but that didn’t stop you
did you not hear that?
the screams coming out from my brain
turn the volume to max, consume the streets with the sounds of unpleasantness and taint the concrete with eerie
but that didn’t stop you
did you not see that?
the open wound from my chest, exposed like an animal at the zoo. still on its habitat and visible to be familiarized
vulnerable and living for the world to watch and scrutinize
but that didn’t stop you
that didn’t stop you from creating this pain
that lingers like the stench of aroma that follows me every where. never leaving because every time it “left” the distinct smell hits and all the feelings com back
like the pain you instantly feel when you listen to that one song that reminds you to something broken
broken like my rib cages, you break pieces off when I think of you
this psychological battle im trying to fight
its not who you are, its what i remember you as
and all i can remember is this feeling
i’m just tired of fighting this feeling
the pain you engraved into me with that knife you cut me with
that healed into this scar.