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100 Poems | 100 Days: Day 4

is it cheating if I post a poem I am semi working on awhile ago but never went back to it but I don’t have time to write a new one today ? (: oh well . day 4 😀

still in the works * kinda. .

Plan C

To the 18 year old teenager who dropped out of high school
a baby was coming to life
your plan A was to get an education but you couldn’t take Plan B so what’s left was plan C.
to raise
not knowing what you got yourself in to
didn’t think that THIS could have happened to you
in a night you thought you’ll never forget
turned to a night you might even regret
having a baby this young could never be a choice, so the right thing seems to be marriage in this Vietnamese household
but you love your partner
and love this soon to be child of yours
so you pull your strength together
pull your heart to
take this family to be yours through thick and thin
with nothing but high school credits of classes that taught nothing about protection, pregnancy or diaper changes
you took responsibility of another human being
driving your 1998 red honda civic
working 2 jobs to make sure this baby, will get the chance he needs to survive in this world

Let this little sister tell you I am proud of you
you sacrificed yourself for other people and that’s all I can ever ask of you
you give me hope that, not every man is like our dads
and that one day I will find someone who would sacrifice for a family as much as you do.
that being in your child’s life is worth more than stars in the sky
And even when times are dark and the skies are grey
You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.
Love you, big brother.