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100 Poems | 100 Days: Day 10

I’m like 2 hours late. sue me. Since I just got my car back .. this needs so much revising and editing but maybe ill revisit in the future.

This is an open letter to my car.
I love you.
I haven’t seen you for weeks and it seems like we’ve been separated over an eternity.
I never realized how much I take you for granted until you were gone.
So thank you.
For your hard ass leather seats, they are uncomfortable  and can go to both extremes of hot and cold.
But Thank you for letting me sleep in peace through all those drunk nights.
We’ve shared so much.
You have heard me laugh with my friends
You have heard me cursed during road rage
You even listened to the saddest slow jams with me and
You sat in silence when I needed space.
And your four wheels.
They are the path to our endless adventures.
Thank you for The good, the bad, and the I can’t believe I am doing this right now moments.
You know you da homie.
But most of all
Thank you for being my home when I had no where to run to.
You put a roof over my head and sheltered for my body.
They say home is where your heart is
Well my heart is engraved to your engine.
You are the only thing that is stable in my life.
Love, Han.
P.S. Don’t break down on me again. My life depended on you.