[Video] VLOG: Agenda & Obey x Henny Limited Edition Launch Party

Finally finished editing and uploading my Vlog from Agenda Long Beach and Obey event! So proud of myself (‘: on how it turned out!  I realized I should’ve done an intro about what Agenda is since not everyone knows .. but it’s too late for that. Anyways, I really like recording and editing! So that’s my current form of art (: hehe

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Agenda Long Beach

“Agenda is the most diverse and creative lifestyle fashion trade show in the world. Since 2003, Agenda has emerged as the premier destination for brands and retailers to converge. Agenda is where passion becomes profit and the business of creativity is conducted in a truly authentic environment.

The same entrepreneurial and independent spirit that Agenda was built on still resonates today. The Agenda team is made up of street wear, action sports, lifestyle and fashion community members. As the trade show landscape has evolved and shifted, Agenda’s commitment to nurturing creativity and allowing product to be the focal point, has endured.”

That pretty much sums it up! I went to Agenda to assist in buying for the store I work for (BlackMarket LA)! Usually when you go to a trade show, brands have their samples within 6-12 months in advance. Most of the stuff we saw were for Spring/Summer 2015! I couldn’t record every booth I went to because I was working .. we went to a lot more vendors than what you see in the video.

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Obey x Hennessy Limited Edition Launch Party

Thanks to our Obey rep, we had a chance to turn up at this party! We had a VIP wristband so we had a table / bottle service all night .. although it was open bar all night also. But hey, why get in line when I can get someone to pour me a drink. They were serving Hennessy all night which was great. I think my favorite drink that I tried was guava and Hennessy? I don’t remember. Kendrick Lamar’s performance was great but I wish it was to the right audience. Everyone was too chillin besides the people who were at the front. Overall, I had a great time!

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