Netflix | Switched at Birth

The thing about this TV show is that I get really emotional when I watch it. Especially references about family, abandonment, rejoice, and more. I feel like I connect somewhat with the characters in the show… Not that I feel switched at birth but thinking that someone who didn’t what you in your life has impacted me subconsciously and crawl out of my bones here and there. I’ve become a strong womyn from my background but I can’t help but feel abandoned… not wanted… empty .. and even lonely sometimes.

I don’t like talking about it much because one, I don’t need charity or pity on what has happened. I wish I had more people to relate to. It’s not something you bring up in a conversation.. ya know.

I get uncomfortable when people ask oh who do you live with. I’m like my brother and mom. Well by myself now but you know know, it gets uncomfortable when people ask me where my dad is oh oh just your mom..

Anyways I just want to blog this to get it off my chest but I’m just going end it here.

l8ters lol


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