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[Video] VLOG: Agenda & Obey x Henny Limited Edition Launch Party

Finally finished editing and uploading my Vlog from Agenda Long Beach and Obey event! So proud of myself (‘: on how it turned out!  I realized I should’ve done an intro about what Agenda is since not everyone knows .. but it’s too late for that. Anyways, I really like recording and editing! So that’s my current form of art (: hehe

IMG_1100 IMG_1117 IMG_1118

IMG_1146 IMG_1151

Agenda Long Beach

“Agenda is the most diverse and creative lifestyle fashion trade show in the world. Since 2003, Agenda has emerged as the premier destination for brands and retailers to converge. Agenda is where passion becomes profit and the business of creativity is conducted in a truly authentic environment.

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[Video] Free Association

Woohoo new video! I recorded this last week but didn’t get a chance to post it so here you go! it’s nice to be able to say what you want to say without censoring yourself!


Honestly, this is a cool assignment that I actually get to do for school! I already have a lot of videos / writing entries for my assignment so far. I just need to figure out how I am going to post them / video edit them or something .. IONO yet.


I finally went to a location that has the Evening Starbucks Menu! I am so glad I got to share this experience with my cousin! I did record some stuff that will be included in my vlog soon (: ! The next time I come here I definitely want to try some things off their drink menu (white wine, red wine, and beer).

IMG_1071Cake Pop: Chocolate w/ Caramel Drizzle (I Think)
IMG_1070She’s really excited that I bought that for her LOL

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[Videos] Trying something new ..

So I recently got Adobe Premiere Pro and I’ve been testing it out by making videos [YAY] ! The program is still new to me so it took a long time trying to figure out how to edit shit .. but yeah

First I edited a video from the undie run below featuring my friend Daniel .. just for shits and giggles lol

Then I tried doing more of a vlog style .. or something similar to that? Cover is by my friend Dennis Vong! This is what I did yesterday, school, food and more food ! I will be going to agenda soon so I will try to do some sort of editing with those clips and hopefully it’ll be more fun! (: Enjoy!

Netflix | Switched at Birth

The thing about this TV show is that I get really emotional when I watch it. Especially references about family, abandonment, rejoice, and more. I feel like I connect somewhat with the characters in the show… Not that I feel switched at birth but thinking that someone who didn’t what you in your life has impacted me subconsciously and crawl out of my bones here and there. I’ve become a strong womyn from my background but I can’t help but feel abandoned… not wanted… empty .. and even lonely sometimes.

I don’t like talking about it much because one, I don’t need charity or pity on what has happened. I wish I had more people to relate to. It’s not something you bring up in a conversation.. ya know.

I get uncomfortable when people ask oh who do you live with. I’m like my brother and mom. Well by myself now but you know know, it gets uncomfortable when people ask me where my dad is oh oh just your mom..

Anyways I just want to blog this to get it off my chest but I’m just going end it here.

l8ters lol