Monthly Archives: June 2014

Music Mondaze | I Miss You / Everytime

I have 2 videos that hit me pretty hard this past month.
June used to be one of my favorite months with the birthday celebrations and summer starting. I know I shouldn’t let one thing effect my whole mood but it does. This doesn’t mean I’m neglecting , down playing , or not acknowledging anything else that happened in June but you know.. shit happens.

Happy Birthday to my family members: Hien (nephew), Nicole (niece), Auntie Christine, and my mom !

Big celebrations? I just graduated !! (well almost .. finishing up in summer). I’ll post pictures of my graduation once my friend edits them!

Debbie Downers? Oh you know .. My grandpa has been gone for 6 months .. it’s been half a year already without him and it’s been rough. I don’t think I can get over this feeling cause it’s seems like I’m just tolerating it / getting used to living without him. We were supposed to celebrate graduation together and his birthday (June 15) which happens to land on Father’s day and my Pilipino Graduation @ UCLA. It’s a lot of mixed emotions in a bottle. Anyways the two songs I’ve been listening to are covers and they capture how I feel about him. It’s Jeni Suk – I Miss You (Frank Ocean/Beyonce) cover and Bea Go – Everytime (Britney Spears) cover. Enjoy.