Party or Nah? | Dream Log #3

This was yesterday when I was napping before work. Let’s name the guy in my dream …. Rose LOL IONO WHY I’m thinking flowers


I dreamt about getting invited to a family gathering. I almost couldn’t go because I had a workshop for SANAA but luckily Cody and Maria got it covered. (lol that’s funny because they really did have a workshop to go to). Everyone was outside by the pool celebrating something… I’m not sure what it was. There was lots of food but just a small, intimate, family gathering. His family gathering. I greeted everyone when I came, glad everyone was happy to see me. Had conversations with his brothers and cousins. Afterwards, I left the scene to change back into my maxi dress. I went to the guest room (but the layout looked like my current room) and lied down on the rug. Rose came to lay next to me. We were about one feet apart, laying on our stomachs staring at .. nothing.  It was kinda weird, awkward, but right at the same time. His mom came in to tell him to grab some food and chill by the pool. But he said he wanted to stay a little longer and then looked at me and smile.

Then my alarm woke me up. boo ):



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