Oversleeping | Dream Log: Nap

I didn’t think I’ll be back in this circle so soon. Oversleeping and still overly fatigue. I miss you so much grandpa. Replaying the last few hours with you in the hospital …… putting our memories on repeat. It’s almost 6 months.

Anyways, today when I overslept, I had such a vivid dream. I was with a bunch of people in a hotel and then we heard gun shots. We ran into a room, locked the door and hid. For some reason I found a corner under a storage rack with shit around it to hide. earlier that a bunch of people (including) me. We were all laying down quietly and someone came into the room. Then a gun shot. Everyone started screaming and then I switched places with a little girl to hid under the storage rack. Everyone else in the room was laying flat on the ground with a cover over their bodies. We weren’t necessarily hiding, we were just waiting .. to be the next victim. It was so weird. The little girl next to me started crying and then we heard a gun shot in our room. And then another one.. That’s 3 deaths within the past whatever time it was.

@_@ If I had a dream log .. oh man. I would totally have a dream journal but I get lazy to write it so maybe I’ll start a dream series on here.

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