Dreaming about Dreaming| Dream Log #2

Quick post about my dream last night before I forget. It took me a while to fall asleep but when I did,

I dreamt that I was at my apartment. It was a different apartment but it was mine. I was in bed in the dark trying to fall asleep (lol weird) but I couldn’t. I went to the living room and decided to watch some SVU to try to fall asleep. Mind you this was an episode that I made up because it was definitely not a real episode. I paused the tv show because it got scary and then tried to sleep. Every time I closed my eyes I would see white and black lines (like when a TV is out of service) and I would hear white noise from tv (screeches?).



During those screeches I heard voices of women whispering. It kept happening and I got exhausted. I kept trying to move so I can return to bed but I couldn’t. Again, I closed my eyes and those screeches came back (this time with men voices whispering. My roommate came home late and I surprised her because I was on the couch. I told her to wake me up (although I was clearly awake). I told her specifically to pull me up because I couldn’t move for some reason. She did that and I got up. I walked to my room and head to bed ..

LOLL .. yep that was my dream.

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