Cheers to Thirsty Thursday

The thirst is real. For alcohol at least.

I received some disappointing news today via email. Pretty much I didn’t pass my social psych lab … the only class I needed to graduate UCLA. I should have lisented to my counselors and take the whole quarter off. I wanted to salvage what was left of that class but I guess it wasn’t enough. But I am not as angry as I thought I would be. I am not as sad or disappointed. Well yes I am slightly mixed emotions and all but this is just another lesson for myself. I’ve learned that I shouldn’t take more than I can handle. It was the roughest time of my life (not just quarter) but I was still trying to manage it .. stupid little Han. I was emotionally and psychologically not ready to handle anything yet I still persisted. I feel like at the end of the day I wasted more of my professors time than mine. I didn’t put in the quality of work that I wanted and turned in some bullshit paper. DON’T BULLSHIT THE KING OF BULLSHITTERS haha. As of right now I am kind of content. Failing this class will give me the opprotunity of actually getting an A in the summer to make up for the grade and putting my energy and focus 100% on the class. I was trying to get a C- a passing grade .. obviously that didnt happen but it’s okay. Positive energy , positive vibes, positive results or nah?

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