another day

It’s been awhile since I’ve talked to you. I wonder how everything is going up there.
I’ve been doing a better job transitioning myself to places without having the constant reminder that you’re no longer here.
But at times when I am alone. I think of you.
a lot

I tried to petition into painting again. But the teacher was such a err so I thought I’ll just purchase materials and start on my own.
I feel like I don’t need a class to learn / practice oil painting.
I’ll find time next week to get materials.

i miss facetiming with you. Or even seeing you in person.
I miss you asking when I am going to graduate and what I am going to do with my life
I miss your voice
As the days go on, I feel like you’re so faint and distant
I want to hear your voice again
I didn’t get to hear you wish me a happy birthday
It’s my first birthday without you. SO many firsts without you…
Sometimes I feel guilty for being too sentimental about these things.. ya know
I wish I can type all of this in Vietnamese because I am really translating all this to English.

did you know the other day anh hai and I got into an argument
he brought up him leaving me.
such a fucking low blow.
I felt like I was buried under dirt
I haven’t talked to him yet
I am not ready to get over something he said just because he was mad

I just want to sit on your bed. and have a conversation.
I miss you.

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