100 days


We all about bein “ONE HUNID” / 100
Yet these past couple days 100 has never meant something so different for me
100 days since you have been gone and I am still learning to cope
I could care less about anyone or anything
Do other people deal with death like this? Or is this a weakness of mine
I feel vulnerable and weak
CALL ME CRAZY, cause I am all over the spectrum of high and low energy.
I have so much I want to say but I’ll save it for another day.

I just want to thank my big sis Julie for listening to me today. Sometimes it’s hard to tell me people about what’s going on cause all they want to do is tell you how to feel and I am tired of that. I can identify my own feelings. Thanks. So it’s nice for someone to just listen. and thats it.

Another thing, I am probably gonna change my layout o_o I want something different

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