Retail Me Happy [Shopping Haul]

Retail Me Happy

I have been spending money without a limit. Money on food, drinks, clothes, random shit … you name it — I probably bought it. It provides temporary happiness and that is something that I am looking for on a daily basis. Woah did that just make me sound like some sort of addict looking to score? Anyways, I found some awesome items within the past week so I just want to share with you all.


Pendleton Wallet pendletoninside

1. Pendleton Card Wallet
This is the perfect wallet for anyone who is trying to size down on their wallet. For me personally, I love my Louis Vuitton Zip Up Wallet, but as a student, that shit is heavy to carry around. I literally have my life in that wallet and I don’t need that baggage all the time. This wallet allows me to carry the essentials while staying super light in my backpack and my pocket. I’ll leave the heavy duty stuff for the weekends.


If I had to choose one brand to wear for the rest of my life, it might be Stussy. I am thrilled to announce that I got everything on sale in this picture. Python Print detail on the raglan shirt screamed out buy me. Track pants are amazingly comfortable and thinner than sweatpants which are perfect for socalifornians. However I will admit that I went overboard with the necklace and pin. STUSSY SPONSER ME ALREADY!

target trouble

Backstory: I dyed my hair, again, because it wasn’t the color I really wanted in the first place. My previous hair color was nice but I wanted RED HAIR. Now that I am officially a red head, I want to maintain that color by using specific products on my hair.

I have a personal preference of herbal essence so I picked up “Color Me Happy” (also my inspiration for the title post). Anyways, as I was walking away I decided to check out $1 aisle. If you are familiar with the City Target in Westwood, the $1 aisle is right next to the school supplies. I will quote my honest poem , “I have an odd fascination for organizers and pens.” That being said, BOOM – I grabbed sharpie pens and 3 2pk folders out of impulse. Walking away from that aisle toward the check out, I stopped by the sock section. SOCKS SOCKS SOCKS! I can never get enough.. $1.50 each for cute patterned socks, why not. I stopped myself after the 5th pair….


4. Quick Stop Shop H&M
I specifically walked into H&M for this dress. My friend had it in a different color and I thought that it would be a nice addition to my closet. Walked in and out in less than 15 minutes for this $14~ dress. Shopping needs to be more like this so I don’t wander off trying to get something else. I had a goal and I executed it.



5. Sweatpants heaven
I can never get enough of sweats, especially with Disney graffiti like patterns. Not much to say about it .. but I got it for over 50% off so holla (: ! Lazy bum college day outfit is ready to go!

As you can see, I am trying to justify my buys for creating reasons why I love them and how it caught my attention. In all honestly, I know I am going to use all these things so it’s not that bad.

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