SPOKEN WORD: 23:24 (Rough Draft)

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To the wife who just lost her husband through an agent called
December seventh, two thousand thirteen
Twenty three : twenty four
the doctor pronounced your husband was dead
You see your children and grandchildren mourning
crying their eyes out, trying to hold whats left of his body
skin no longer the vibrant sunshine you see

you put a hat on his head to make sure he stays warm

staying strong for your family you stepped aside
you anticipated this
you felt it deep in your heart as dark as that may seem
the doctor said he wasn’t supposed to make it
he would have died last night
how did he make it to this point

everyone gathered closer to the warm body

you understood
you held your granddaughter’s hand
watching her hold in her screams as much as she can
tears tracing her cheeks as she stares at the floor
squeezing her hand tighter you began to speak
you know he loves you and everyone in here
he waited for everyone to come
he wanted to see all your beautiful faces from all generations
I’m sad too but I only need to cry once and I only cry for the people I love
My love for him is forever eternal in my heart and nothing can take that way from me

You then stare at your husband
age 94
a best friend,
a husband,
a grandfather,
a great grandfather,
an artist,
and a kind-hearted soul.

Your legacy lives through the canvases you paint
and the people you love.

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